Chapter 25.2 The Uification of Germany

  • Period: to

    Rhine Confederation

    Created by Napoleon, the Rhine Confederation was a unification of the German princes after the fall of the Holy Roman Empire. The confederation originally started with 16 states that then added 23 with 15 million subjects. This helped give the french protection form the east.
  • Holy Roman Empire Disolved

    Holy Roman Empire Disolved
    Napolean anexed lands along the Rhine River that belonged to Germany to France. Napolean achieved this by forcing the Emperor to admit to being a king and stepping down. He also created the Rhine Confederation.
  • Annoyance With French Rule

    Annoyance With French Rule
    People were becoming annoyed with Napoleon and all of his policies. They decided they wanted to be considered their own state and not just part of Napoleon's big empire. This was an oncrease in nationalism.
  • Congress of Vienna Meets

    Congress of Vienna Meets
    The council of vienne met in order to determined what to do to prevent another napoleon. They recreated borders and such until they eventually would creat the German confederation.
  • Creation of German Confederation

    Creation of German Confederation
    The German Confederation was created by the Congress of Vienna. Instead of creating one country the congress felt that sepperate states would be better. This was because 1. They wouldnt have to change goverments and 2. would have enough power to protect themselves but not attack.
  • Zollverein Expands

    Zollverein Expands
    Zollverein was created in 1818. Its main goal was to elliminate taxes and tarrifs between any German state in the Zollverein. It was proposed by Prussia and was also used to decrease Austrian influence in Germany.
  • Otto van Bismarck Becomes Prime Minister

    Otto van Bismarck Becomes Prime Minister
    Bismarck had been a Prussian diplomat but was later named prime minister by King William I. This was very important because he was Germany's leader when they eventually became unified. This was the first big stp in Bismarck's climb up the political ladder.
  • Bismarck Strengthens Army

    Bismarck Strengthens Army
    Before Bismarck could achieve what he wanted, he knew he needed a strong army. He made a big speech but nobody i the government wanted to spend money on the military. Bismarck used money that was supposed to be for other things to help get his army to become more powerful.
  • Franco-Prussian War of 1870

    Franco-Prussian War of 1870
    Bismarck changed around a message sent by William I. He made it out to be as if William I insulted the French ambassador. The French were angry, and like Bismarck had hoped they declared war on Prussia, and Prussia won the war easily.
  • Otto Von Bismarck Unites German States

    Otto Von Bismarck Unites German States
    Otto united the German states under Prussian control. He successfully applaid realpolitik, a politics that satisfies the needs of the peopl, and ruled until 1890. His strong will helped him and his pollicies suceed.
  • William I of Prussia Becomes Kaiser

    William I of Prussia Becomes Kaiser
    After Prussia defeated Franc e, William I was convinced by other Germans to take the title of kaiser. This meant he was the emperor. There was now one leader and Germany was becoming more unified.
  • Bismarck Launches Kulturkampf

    Bismarck Launches Kulturkampf
    Bismarck was scared that some of his people would be more loyal to the chur ch than they would be to their state. He started Kulturkampf, which gave the government the right to supervise the church and to appoint priests. It didn't work though and many rallied behind the church. Bismarck knew he had to fix it.