chapter 25.1 The Unification of Germany. Jourdan&Dwyanna

  • Bismarck's rise to power

    Bismarck's rise to power
    Otto van Bismark was oppointed by William I , the king of Prussia .He built Prussias army and they became a powerful war machine. Bismark and willam had to deal with opposition frim the Prussian parliament , because the parliament refused to give them $$ for them to build up the military so Bismark collected taxes without tjeir approval
  • Danish War

    Danish War
    Schleswig was made up of Germans & Danes . Holstein was made up of entirely Germans . King Christian IX took danish throne , he proclaimed a new constitution. He went against Danish constitution , Denmark refused so Prussia & Austria declared war on Denmark . In 1864 after 3 months of fighting Denmark surrendered. Prussia took control of Schleswig & Austria took control of Holstein
  • The Seven Weeks' War

    The Seven Weeks' War
    Prussia's influence was expanding & Bismark prepared for conflict with Austria . He persuaded Napoleon III to remain neutral then form an alliance with Italy. in 1866 prussia declared war over the dispute of Schleswig and Holstein. They defeated the Austrians in seven weeks . the treaty of Prague was what ended the war .
  • The Franco-Prussian War

    The Franco-Prussian War
    To complete the unification of Germany , Bismark persuaded independent states in southern Germany to join North German confederation. in 1870 he received a telegram from king william it insulted the french ambassodor , it was so bad the french declared war in Prussia. Napoleon surrendered in september & a treaty came in May .
  • Formation of the German Empire

    Formation of the German Empire
    King William I of Prussia was proclaimed German emporer. Bismark was named Chancellor of Empire & was primw minister of Russia . Bismark accepted the constitution & it united 25 German states in one federal form of govts . Bundesrat & Reichstag mad up legislative house with 400 members , the constitution favored Prussia