Chapter 23 Timeline

  • Period: to

    Rhine Confederation

    Napoleon annexed lands along the Rhine River, and dissolved the Holy Roman Empire and organized the Rhine Confederation.
  • Period: to

    Territorial changes

    Napoleon made important territorial changes. (didnt know exact date just the years)
  • von stein

    von stein
    Stein is declaired the enemy by Napoleon and eventually killed
  • French invade Russia

    French invade Russia
    invasion lasted from june 24- december 14
  • Period: to

    German Confederation

    Demanded a unified German state
  • Zollverein

    (dont know exact date just the year) economic union that dismantled the tariff "barriers" between german states. Prussia had many benifits from this
  • Period: to

    Frankfurt Parliament

    only knew the years BUT it was the first elected parliment for Germany
  • Period: to

    President Napoleon III

    Napoleon III was the first president of the french republic
  • Period: to

    Emperor Napoleon III

    French emperor, napoleon III made himself the president of the french republic
  • Period: to

    William I King of prussia

  • Blood and Iron speech

    Blood and Iron speech
    givin in 1862, Otto Von Bismarck spoke about the territories and unifying them with germany
  • Social Democratic Party was Founded

    Social Democratic Party was Founded
    German Marxists organized the Social Democratic Party which improved conditions for the working class.
  • Period: to

    Second Schleswig War

    German Victory
  • Period: to

    Austro-Prussian War

    Prussian won the war, and then took control of other northern German states.
  • Peace of Prague

    Peace of Prague
    A peace treaty ending the Austro-Prussian War
  • Period: to

    Franco-Prussian War

    Germany won this war
  • Period: to

    William I German Emperor

  • Bismarck becomes Chancellor

    Bismarck becomes Chancellor
    Otto Von Bismarck is made the first Chancellor of the German Empire by King William I
  • Kulturkampf

    Rudolf Virchow used this time for the first time
  • William II began his reign as kaiser

    William II began his reign as kaiser
    Was very confident and also asked the dominating Bismarck to resign