Chapter 22.2 The Uification of Germany

  • Bismark as Prime minister

    He became chancellor and helped unite the states of germany. he also used the blood and iron policy
  • Master of real politik

    Bismark was a master of real politik. which is realistic policy based on the needs of the state.
  • Strenthening the enemy

    Strenthening the enemy
    he strengthened prussias army by fundeding it from other reasons. each war prussia was in germanys unity strengthened.
  • Prussias war with Denmark and austria

    in 1864 prussia formed an allience with austria.prussia anexed north germanys states.
  • Frances war with Prussia

    prussias victory over austria angered napoleon the 2. this led to the franco prussian war in 1870.
  • campaign against the socialists

  • Germany Becomes a industrial giant

    German chemical and electrical industries were setting the standered worldwide. germanys shipping was second to britain.
  • Promoting scientific and economic development

    the german government promoted economic development. germany created synthetic chemicals and dyes.
  • campaign against the church

    after the unification catholics made up a third of german population.bismarks goal was to make catholics pay loyalty to the state above the alligience to the church.
  • kaiser william the second

    he belived that his power came from god. he resisted to make democratic reforms. he also lavished funds to the military.