Chapter 11 Timeline

  • 1 year from now

    I will be in my second internship one year from now and that much closer to graduating with my teaching degree. Working towards bettering myself and being the best version of myself.
  • 2 years from today

    In two years I hope I will be working in a school as a first year teacher. Enjoying my life and what is in the present.
  • 5 years from today

    Five years from now, I hope I have fully settled in with my teaching career and am loving every second of it. Being able to travel over the summer and enjoy my life outside of work.
  • 10 years from today

    Ten years from today, I think I will still be teaching and maybe even be bringing my own children to school with me each day. Still enjoying life outside of work and traveling.
  • End of my career

    When this day is near, I hope I was able to have taught to the best of my abilities and was able to impact many children's lives in a positive way. Being able to travel so more.