Changes in transport 1950s to 2012

  • first car in australia

    the first australian made cars were being used in australia
  • Period: to


    Aircraft were powered by propellers and were ususally unpressurised. They were slow and had to make frequent stops so long distance travel was rare
  • Period: to


    Trams were common in Australia but were almost abolished throughout this time period with the end result being trams only operating in Melbourne
  • Cars continued

    Holden were producing up to 100 cars a day and they were becoming a far more popular form of transport
  • cars

    By this time it is estimated that 1850000 people owned cars in Australia
  • Rail travel

    Diesel locomotive trains began to opearate in Australia instead of steam trains. They were much more efficient cheap, bigger and stopped he constant rocking of steam trains
  • Improved aircraft

    More fuel efficient, roomy and pressurised aircraft were invented. Consequently QANTAS introduced a regular round the world service and planes would also stop at places and then continue on to other destinations.
  • Period: to


    Air tavel became cheaper quicker and more convenient due to jet engines instead of propellers and as a result air travel became far more common especially overseas.
  • Period: to

    sea travel

    Sea travel became far less common as air travel was becoming cheaper and more convenient and time effective. Consequently in an attempt to get more people to travel by boat luxury cruises were used but sea travel never did really regain in popularity and therefore there were realy no further advances in sea travel as a form of transportation.
  • freeways

    Australia's first freeway was completed
  • new types of cars

    The first mini car came to Australia. Up until this point cars had been bigger and consequently used more petrol. Therefore the mini was far more economically and environmentally sound.
  • car ownership

    It is estimated that 35 % of Australians now owned cars
  • electric trains

    The first double decker electric trains were put into use in Sydney.
  • Roads

    There were now smoothed paved roads and freeways that allowed a car to travel from Sydney to Melbourne
  • standadised train lines

    Throughout Australia the widths of all the rails were common meaning trains could travel all around Australia. This was first seen when the Indian Pacific train was put into use the very same year.
  • aeroplanes

    Planes could carry up to 300 passengers
  • Period: to

    air travel

    Almost 75% of Australians were travelliing overseas on planes
  • aeroplanes

    Planes could carry up to 500 passengers
  • space travel

    Commercial flights offered into space
  • cars

    Mny companies now produce cars in Australia with over 99% of all Australians owning a car. They have now become safer, faster, smoother and automatic
  • trains

    Trains have now become very common with many lines being built throughout Australia and a timetable being created with fairly regular trains.