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Chaeseo’s Education History

  • First Birthday Party

    First Birthday Party
    This day was my first birthday party! Obviously, I don’t remember anything about it. However, my parents told me that I grabbed a pencil! In Korea, on a child's first birthday, many objects are placed in front of the baby. Some objects are money, stethoscope, pencil, toy, etc. Anyways, I have heard that grabbing the pencil means that I willl be good at studying or drawing!
  • Setbyeol Nursery Day Care Kindergarten

    Setbyeol Nursery Day Care Kindergarten
    My nursey daycare was Setbyeol Day Care. I don’t remember anything, about my time there, however I have some pictures of my sister, I and other babies there. I went to this daycare with my elder sister. My mother said the daycare workers were kind and they tied our hair beautifuly every single day.
  • Piola Junior Kindergarten

    Piola Junior Kindergarten
    My junior kindergarten class was at Piola Kindergarten. Just like with my daycare, I don’t really remember my kindergarten teachers and friends, however my mother said that they were also good. I still remember that I did performance, ballet, Taekwondo in this place.
  • Piola Senior Kindergarten

    Piola Senior Kindergarten
    My senior kindergarten was at Piola Kindergarten, too. I met my first best friend in this kindergarten. Her name is Haram Oah. My class name was Jihaeban. The teacher was really beautiful, I guess. And I remember during the kindergarten graduation that I cried a lot.
  • Jeongwhon Elementary School

    Jeongwhon Elementary School
    After Piola Junior and Senior kindergarten, I came to a new school called Jeongwhon Elementary School where I really liked to play on the soccer field with my Korean friends. I only stayed at that elementary school for 2 years beause my dad needed to work in the India. So we left Busan, South Korea and moved to Bangalore, India in 2nd grade.
  • Came to India

    Came to India
    I came to India on December 4th, 2018. On my last day at Jeongwhon Elementary School I cried a lot. My best friends, Seongeun Kim, and Dongwon Chung gave me a present after I left the school. Anyways, I came to CIS in grade 2, semester 2. I was not really good at English, however, Seoyun Kang helped me every day. I was lucky that there were kind students in grade 2, class A.
  • Learning K-Pop Dance

    Learning K-Pop Dance
    I started to learn K-Pop dance with my elder sister, Chaemin Ko, Cheamin Seo and Soyi Ryu. My dance teacher was so beautiful and pretty. Also, she was always kind to us. We learned some K-Pop dances and we performed at CIS talent show, too. It was a really nice memory for me. I want to meet her after some time.
  • Graduation from CIS Elementary School

    Graduation from CIS Elementary School
    I graduated CIS Elementary School on June 8th. I recieved a certification of graduation and flowers. I was feeling really nervous about starting middle school because I knew that classes would be more difficult and I was worried that my English was not good enough.
  • 2023

    Now I am in second semester of middle school, grade 6, 6NJ, group 1. During the summer before middle school, my family travelled to many places in South Korea. And during the winter break, my family did the count down to 2023!