The giver

Ceremonies 1-12 in the book The Giver By Lois Lowry

  • When you become a First Born.

    You are sent to the Nurturing Center to be nurtured and closely moniterd. If you are healthy then you participate of the Ceremony Of Ones in December. If you are not healthy then you are released.
  • Period: to


  • When you become a One.

    When you become a One you recieve three things. First you are assigned a name, Gabriel for example. Next at the ceremony of Ones you are given a Family Unit with two parents. Lastly you are given a Comfort Object such as an Elephant or a Seal.
  • When you become a Four.

    When you become a Four you receive a jacket with buttons down the back to teach the kids interdependence.
  • When you become a Seven.

    When you become a Seven you are given a front-buttoned jacket to learn independence and it was the first sighn of maturity.
  • When you become an Eight.

    When you become an Eight you receive a jacket with buttons down the front as well as a pocket to carry things. You also are able to start your volunteer hours. Your comfort object is now taken away because you are to old for it.
  • When you become a Nine.

    When you become a Nine you receive your first bike.
  • When you become a Ten.

    When you become a Ten you have your hair cut short just like every other boy in the society.
  • When you become an Eleven.

    Boys get longer pants because they will start maturing quickly.
  • When you become a Twelve.

    When you become a Twelve you receive your life assignment and then you start training for your job. You also recieve a new nameplate on your bike that indicates that you are a student in training for your job.