• High Frequency Trading

    High Frequency Trading
    - It helps you when buying or selling in the financial markets
    - As it creates very precise calculations you can benefit
    - In the future it could evolve DISADVANTAGES:
    - In some cases it can cause failures but it is not frequent
    - Your software is not available in all markets
    - It's up to you to trust the robot or not HIGH FRECUENCY TRADING helped in the world the most investors and its ease
  • Spotify

    - Unlimited music
    - Works on various platforms
    - Relax and take you to your comfort zone DISADVANTAGES:
    - Lots of publicity
    - You need to pay to enjoy the most
    - The premium mode is a monthly payment SPOTIFY helped improve and share to the whole world the different types of music to listen to
  • Smart phone

    Smart phone
    - Best communication
    - You can work anywhere in the world
    - And you can use many apps at the same time DISADVANTAGES:
    - Social isolation
    - It discourages physical activity and outdoor games and can lead to disinterest in other forms of entertainment.
    - Loss of privacy SMART PHONE its main help was to improve communication and being able to work on devices at your hand
  • Virtual assistant

    Virtual assistant
    - You don't need extra space
    - Stays open even if you're not
    - You work with fewer interruptions DISADVANTAGES:
    - It's a little pricey but it's worth it
    - They perform the same task as humans and creates unemployment
    - Constant updates VIRTUAL ASSISTANT helped the world to facilitate your answers and resolve doubts, in addition to accompanying you
  • Smartwatch

    - Comfort, you do not need to take out the mobile in a meeting for example
    - You can communicate
    - It helps you when doing sports DISADVANTAGES:
    - It's so expensive
    - The battery does not last long enough
    - It ends up being used only as a watch :) SMARTWATCH helped the world improve your availability of communication and time in a small object
  • 5 G

    5 G
    - Faster than 4G and you can work more comfortably
    - Support for other technologies
    - Much lower latency DISADVANTAGES:
    - Some devices can not have 5G
    - To have 5G you need to increase the price of your coverage
    - Security, though it shouldn't 5G helped improve 4G and facilitate speed on the internet or telephone lines