cell phones

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  • how phones help the planet

    phones help the planet by helping people recycle and keeps people updated and it also helps company save money because most phones are made from recycling so there made green from paper and plastic
  • how phones help you

    most phones can help you to connect with your friends and family and all phones has a tracking device on it so if a person go missing you can always track there phone or when you or someone else is in danger that helps alot to.
  • wh phones are impportant

    phones are very important to the earth because now phones are a big help because police officers use them to contact people and its very imortant to have a phone now just incase that your child at home you can contact them when your at work or if you dont know where they are you call them.
  • why phones are important

    phones are important because when your at work and your child is at home by there self you can always call them and check up on them or you can call them when you dont know where there at.
  • why phones are very important on the road

    phones are very imporntant on the road because you can always use the map when you lost or you cant find your way back you can use the map on your phone
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