Causes of WWI

  • Triple Entente is formed

    Alliance between Britain, France, and Russia against Germany and Austria-Hungary
    They all entered the war as Allies
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo

    He was heir to the Austrian throne
  • Austria-Hungary Declares War on Serbia

    The man who assassinated the Archduke Ferdinand was from Serbia.
    After that, Austria Hungary declared war on them.
  • The Triple Alliance is Formed

    They were Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Germany
    They were later known as the Central Powers.
  • Germany Invaded Belgium

    They used a plan known as the Schlieffen Plan
    They would hold Russia and quickly defeat Belgium and France
  • Austria-Hungary Takes Control of Bosnia

    Bosnia had little power so they were small and vulnerable.
    Bosnia resented Austria Hungary
  • A German U-Boat Sinks the Lusitania

    1,198 British persons died, along with 128 Americans.
    The U.S.'s anger towards Germany and the Central Powers also led them to support the Allies.
  • The Zimmerman Note is Discovered

    The Zimmerman note was a note from the German foreign minister to the German ambassador in Mexico to try to help support Mexico against the U.S.
    It was intercepted by the British and shared with the Americans.
  • The United States Declares War on Germany

    After the Zimmerman note, the U.S. felt threatened so they declared war.
    They supported the Allies
  • The First Battle of the Somme Begins

    It was a disastrous British offensive
    It was the first major battle that would lead to the war.