Causes of WW1

  • Dual Alliance

    Germany and Austria-Hungary allied, principally against Russia.
  • Franco - Russian Alliance

    Reinsurance Treaty between Germany and Russia was made invalid after non-renewal. Russia was excluded from the German economy and France wanted Russia as an ally against Germany. Both nations were to consult each other if either nation was threatened by another nation.
  • Entente Cordiale

    England and France - settle colonial differences in in Morocco and Egypt. France needed a strong ally against Germany who she had lost to in the previous war. England also felt equally threatened due to the Naval Race occuring between Germany and England
  • First Moroccan Crisis

    Germany resented France's increasing dominance of Morocco, and insisted on an open door policy. In March 1905, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany went to Tangier and made a speech in favor of Moroccan independence. Isolated diplomatically, Germany called on U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt to mediate. An international conference met at Algeciras, Spain and decided to establish international control over the police forces in the major ports of Morocco, a compromise solution that ended the crisis.
  • Triple Entente

  • Triple Entente

    Counter measure to a renewal to the Triple Alliance. England joined into the dual entente between France and Russia to also settle colonial differences in Persia, Tibet and Afghanistan.
  • 2nd Moroccan Crisis

    German cruiser Panther sent to Agidir. British navy alerted but France gave up Congo to compromise to avert disaster.
  • Balkan Wars

    By the early 20th century, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro and Serbia, the countries of the Balkan League, had achieved their independence from the Ottoman Empire, but large parts of their ethnic populations remained under ethnic sovereignty. The First Balkan War broke out when the League attacked the Ottoman Empire on 8 October 1912 and was ended seven months later by the Treaty of London.
    The Second Balkan War broke out on 16 June 1913
  • Assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand

    The heir presumptive and his wife were shot dead in Sarajevo by the Young Bosnians. Austria felt that Serbia was responsible for this as they believed they allowed this to happen.
  • Blank Cheque

    Germany declares its support for Austria-Hungary if hostilities break out in the form of the "blank cheque"
  • Austria's ultimatum to Serbia

    Austria Prime Minister intended this to incite war between Serbia and Austria. Terms including Austrian suppression of independent movement. They demanded a reply in 48 hours.
  • Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

    Russia backs Serbia and mobilises her troops.
  • France and Germany

    France and Germany mobilise her troops as Germany declares war on Russia. All the Allies are obliged to jump into action.
  • Germany Declares War

    Germany declares war on France after France refuses to declare neutrality. Old rivalries between the two flared up as France was still determined to repossess the regions it had lost to Germany in their previous encounter.
  • Britain Declares War

    Britain declares war on Germany after they try to iitiate the Schlieffen Plan by invading Belgium.
  • Austria-Hungary declares war

    Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia.
  • Russia acts

    Russia declares mobilisation for war. The duties of the Ententes and Alliances are brought up as the allies must support each other in case of a war.