Cause of ww2

  • League of nation founded

    On 28th of April, The league of nation was an international governmnet organisation founded. It founded as a result of the paris peace conference which ended in ww1.The main purpose of this was to improve world peace.
  • Signing of treaty of versailles

    The Allied power wanted repairment from Germany. Allied power (France, Britain and America) . The allied country wanted Germany to give up the part of their land to other colonies.
  • Adolf Hitler joins German workers party

    Hitler himself attended civilian worker party and he did a small speach about eleminating capitalism. Once he finished his speach, one man started to talk about his favour which enraged Hitler. He forcefully against the man and his ability to communicate impressed workers and it make them to follow Hitler
  • Adolf Hitler became the leader oi Nazi party

    Adolf Hitler elected as a leader of the National socailist party, which was also called as 'Nazi' Party. Everyone thought he is a good leader because he was a really good speker and he knew how to get people on his side .
  • The consolideration of facism

    In 23th of october, Musollini made the first step to be a prime minister. His purpose was securing himself power forever. He persuaded the Mp's to vote him full emergency powers for the year.
  • Mussolini's election in parliament

    Fascist's method of persuasian made mussolini to push through the parliament. A new electoral law gave two out of three seats to the party that has a quater of the votes.
  • Traders in panic in front of the New York stock market

    about hundreds of traders gathred outside of New York Stock Exchange market. At the end of December 1929, about 40 billion people had been wiped of the values of US shares because of this incident many shareholders, stockbrokers and business owners lost everything such things like homes,jobs, etc,,,
  • The violent racist organisation

    In 1925,(Not sure about the date) The members of violent racist organisation killed the people such as Black American, Jewish people, Catolic People etc....
  • Germany joins the League of nation

    In 1926, Because Germany got out of the economic depression, Germany joined the league of nation. Gustav Stresemanm made the first sppech as the German's representative and Germany became a memeber. Germany became a respected member of the world community because of the victory for Stresemanm and republic
  • The young plan

    The young plan was the agreement between the German and the Amercians,British and French. This young plan made Germany's reparation payment lower. The germans who disagreed to make any reparations payments opposed the young plan and they put that on the ballot question
  • stock market on wall street crashes

    The stock market, which was also called as a Black Tuesday, was the most damaged stock market crash in the history of the united states. This Stock market crash was the beginning of 10 years great depression
  • Invasion of Manchuria

    In 1931, The japanese used a false flag bombing in japanese railroad which was in the Manchuria and Japan blamed the china for the attack and Japan invaded the Manchuria with the Kuwantong Army.
  • Australian unemployment rates

    In 1932, Becasue of the Great depression, there were plenty of people who were unemployment and the rates were the lowest in this year.
  • Hitler runs for the German Presidential Electioins

    In 1932, The German Presidential Elections held and the two major candidates in this election were Paul von Hindenburg and Adolf Hitler. Hindenburg was 85 and he was reelected another 7 years and people believed Hitler is going to take his place when he die
  • Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany

    Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler to give the chancellor of Germany. Paul von Hindenburn help create the Nazi and he wanted them to say. This casued the beginning of the Nazi Germany.
  • The concentration camp

    The concentration camp started in 1933, when after Adolf Hitler became a chancellor and ended in 1939. The main purpose for the concentration camp was lock up in the jail who opposed the Hitler's government
  • Hitler becomes the Führer of Germany

    Paul von Hindenburg died when he was 86 because of the lung cancer in his house. The Adolf Hitler got the Paul von Hindernburg's power because that was the law in Germany.
  • Remilitarization of the Rhineland

    The German was forced entering the Rhineland whenthe remilitarization of the Rhineland by the German Army took place on 7 March 1936. This was important because it broke the treaty of versailles.
  • Munich Agreement

    Germany, France, the united kingdon, and Italy were the countries that signed the Munich Agreement. This agreement was for allowing Germany to take the Czechoslovak Sudetenland and do not attack again
  • Germany invades Poland and WW2 begins

    Britain and France told Hitler to do not invade the poland but Hitler ignored it and invaded the poland and this invasion caused the WW2