• European Settlement.

    The first fleet arrived in Australia to start the European settlement.
  • The Europeans arrived.

    Europeans arrived in Australia. among its 1044 convicts there were 316 catholics.
  • Fr Jeremiah oflyn came to ministeer the catholics.

    Fr, Jeremiah oflyn came to minister to the catholics in Australia. he was arrested and deported in 1818
  • The first official priest came to Australia.

    The first officially appointed priests, Fr john therry and Fr phill
    ip cannolly arrived in Australia.
  • The first Arch Bishop arrived in Australia.

    The first catholic bishop , john bede polding arrived in Australia. he organised the catholic church in Australiainto regions or dioceses.
  • John became the first bishop of syney.

    John bede polding became the first arch bishop of sydney.
  • Religious groups finnally started develop more.

    religious groups and orders started to further develop
  • Australia's first ever saint.

    Australia got its first ever saint in 2010 and her name was mary makillop of the cross.
  • Saint vincent depaul.

    Saint vincent depaul is a special saint to us all and people strated a shop called saint vinnies and they sell cloths to people or give them for free.
  • Melbourn's bishop.

    Melbourne got their first ever bishop in 2001.
  • Mary mackillop worked at schools.

    Mary mackillop helped young people to learn about god and she cared for them alot.
  • Australia might have a 2nd saint.

    mother tereasa is on her way to becoming a saint.