Catholic Church in Australia timelime

By izac11
  • First public Mass celebrated by Fr Dixon in Sydney

    There was no Catholic Church in Australia for the convicts to go to. They had to go to the services of the Church of England before Fr. James Dixon came to Australia.
  • First official priests arrive

    Fr Therry and Conolly arrive in Australia. This was the formal start of the Catholic Church in Australia.
  • Catholic Church is divided into provinces and dioceses

    The Catholic Church was divided into 7 archdioceses with 21 smaller provinces in Australia. These groups were further grouped into provinces. Each archdiocese had an Archbishop to lead that area.
  • St Mary's Cathedral (Sydney) destroyed by fire

    The largest church in Sydney was destroyed by fire and a lot of people contributed to the rebuilding of the church. The rebuilding process staarted in 1868. It wasn't officially open until September 2000. This means that people had to find other churches to go to during this time.
  • Mary Mackillop & Fr Woods found the Sisters of St Joseph

    Mary Mackillop and Fr Woods established a group of sisters. This is an important event because the sisters went out to teach children, especially in the outback/country area.
  • Christian Brothers arrive in Melbourne

    The Christian Brothers were invited by Br Louis Hare to make a group of Christian Brothers in Melbourne to teach. Initially, there were 4 brothers but the group grew out and eventually reached out to all of Australia. St Mary's Cathedral is part of the Christian Brothers schools.
  • 1st Official St Vincent de Paul Society established in Australia

    I chose this event because the St Vincent de Paul Society reaches out to people. They serve the homeless, especially during winter from their winter appeal. Everyone contributes to this appeal by giving them blankets.
  • Death of Mary Mackillop

    This was an important event because Mary Mackillop and her Sisters did a lot of work to teach children in Outback Australia. Even though she died, the sisters continued to carry on her work and taught many children in Australia.
  • Completion of St Mary's Cathedral Sydney

    This was an important event because there was a major church for people to go to. Today, they hold daily masses as well as regular Sunday mass. The major Christmas and Easter liturgies are held here.
  • Pope Benedict XVI announces WYD in Sydney for 2008

    This was an important event because the Catholic community from from all over the world came to Sydney to participate in WYD as pilgrims. It brought the community together and we learnt about different cultures.