Catholic Church in Australia

  • First Fleet arrives In Botany Bay, Australia

    One tenth of the convicts in the First Fleet were Catholic and mostly were Irish
  • James Dixon is granted permission to host mass

    James Dixon A convict and priest who was granted permission to say mass in Sydney, Liverpool and Parramatta every successful Sunday
  • First Priests Arrive

  • The First Official Fathers of England arrive in Australia

    Fathers John Joseph Therry and Philip Connolly the first priests in Australia arrives from England appointed by the English Government
  • The First Church

  • The First Bishop

  • Christian Brothers Arrive

  • St Mary's Cathedral Renovation

    Cathedral was rebuilt
  • Archbishop Moran

    Moran becomes archbishop
  • Death of MacKillop

    Mary MacKillop passes away
  • St. Pat's Cathedral

    St. Patrick's Cathedral is opened in Melbourne
  • Pope in Australia

    Pope Paul VI makes the first-ever Papal visit to Australia