Catholic Church in Australia

  • First Fleet Arrival

    40,000 irish convicts arrived between 1788-1868
  • Samuel Marsden arrived in australia

    Samuel Marsden arrived in Australia on a british convict ship
  • irish rebellion

    the irish rebelled against the british rule
  • Samuel Marsden became anglican minister of new south wales

    In 1800 he succeeded Johnson and remained the senior Anglican minister in New South Wales until his death.
  • irish rebellion in castle hill

    William johnston along with 300 other men rebeled against british rule at castle hill
  • Fr John Therry and Fr Philip Conolly arrive on May 3.

    he first official Catholic Chaplains to the colony, Fr John Therry and Fr Philip Conolly arrive on May 3.
  • first catholic churches built

  • the sisters of the good smaraitan founded

    by archbishop ploding
  • catholic bishops in all states

  • sisters of st patrick founded

    by mary mackillop and fr wood
  • irish christian brothers arrived in australia

  • free compulsory and secular

    introduced in victoria
  • the government stoped giving money to catholc schools

  • many religious orders come to australia

  • archbishop vaughan arived in australia

  • archbishop vaughan dies in england

  • The Labor Party began

  • government passed the white australia policy

  • Dr Mannix began to campaign

    to persuade catholics to not vote for anti-catholic politicians
  • the victorian catholic workers association formed

  • irish rebellion against british rule

  • catholics avoided joining the army

  • Period: to

    calwell did not recieve the expected amount of immagrents

  • Period: to

    migrant come to australia from countries all around the world