Catherine the Great Timeline

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  • Catherine the Great marries Peter |||

    Catherine the Great marries Peter |||
    She married Peter the Third, He had no affection for her and was forced to marry each other. As well, she is not Russian born so thus she became a citizen of Russia.
  • Paul, Catherine's son is born

    He soon became a ruler when Catherine died but was erratic and assassinated 5 years after he was Czar.
  • Anna Petrovna, Catherine's daughter is born

    Not much information on her daughter. She was a duchess.
  • Empress Elizabeth Dies

    Empress Elizabeth Dies
    Previous Czar before Peter the Third, she actually had a lot of love for Catherine and was the one who forced Peter and Catherine to Marry. After Elizabeth's reign, Peter took over.
  • Peter ||| becomes Emperor of Russia

    Ruled for a few months before Catherine got him arrested and sent away. He was an abusive husband and tried to destroy the marriage.
  • Alexei Grigoryvich, Catherine's son is born

    Not much information on him.
  • Peter ||| dies

    Peter ||| dies
    He died after being arrested. No one knows how he died, many believe Catherine killed him, he killed himself, or died of starvation. Still a mystery to this day.
  • Catherine is Proclaimed Empress of Russia

    After Peter was sent away and died, she became empress and ruled. She did much for Russia, more than Peter did and she ruled for over 30 years.
  • 1st Partition of Poland

    The First Partition of Poland took place in 1772 and was the first of three partitions that ended the existence of the Polish–Lithuanian commonwealth by 1795. This was one of the things that helped Russia grow the most.
  • Russia gains the Black Sea

    Gained use of Black Sea for importing and sending out goods. Peter the Third tried to gain the coast of the Black Sea but Catherine the Great successfully gained the coast.
  • Catherine signs Alliance with Austria

    Already alliances with Poland, the Prussian alliance joined forces with Austria. Catherine was drawn towards the south and the Ottoman Empire during expansion of Russia.
  • 2nd Partition of Poland

    The 1793 Second Partition of Poland was the second of three partitions ending the existence of the Polish–Lithuanian commonwealth by 1795.
  • 3rd Partition of Poland

    3rd Partition of Poland
    1795 partition, the last in a series of the Partitions of Poland and the land of the Polish–Lithuanian commonwealth among Prussia.
  • Catherine the Great Dies

    Catherine the Great Dies
    After serving for 34 years, Catherine the Great died of a stroke.
  • Period: to

    Seven Years War

    A global war fought between 1756 and 1763. Involving all five European great powers of the time pand many of the middle powers. It affected Europe, the Americas, West Africa, India, and the Philippines.