Carlie Peterson

  • Birth

    Born in Yankton, SD
  • Kindergarten

    Again, I cannot remember the date. I went to Kindergarten in Lake Andes, SD.
  • Bahamas

    Family vacation in the Bahamas
  • School in Martin

    Moved to Martin, also cannot remember the date just the year.
  • Terrorist attack

    Terrorist's hijack four planes.
  • School in Groton

    Moved to Groton; I cannot actually remember the date
  • Soccer

    Year I started to play soccer.
  • Confirmation

  • DI Worlds

    Our team went to DI Worlds, which was awesome, however I can't remember when that was except the year
  • Sitting in Web 2.0 making this timeline

    I'm a Senior now! Yay!