Jordan Shisler Autobiography

  • Birthday

    I was born in the early morning of May 17.
  • Attended BOCES

    Attended BOCES
    During the begining of my Junior year of high school I chose to attend our local Mt Morris BOCES. It was here that I took a Cosmetology course for the next two years, until I graduated.
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    I graduated from Wayland Cohocton High School 21st in my class and with an advanced regents diploma.
  • Attened SUNY Oneonta

    Attened SUNY Oneonta
    After graduation I attended SUNY Oneonta for the duration of my first semester in college.
  • Got first Car

    Got first Car
    Due to the fact that I was no longer living on a college campus and had to commute to my classes, I was given my first car, a Toyota Solara.
  • Attended SUNY Geneseo

    Attended SUNY Geneseo
    After one semester at SUNY Oneonta I transffered over to SUNY Geneseo to finish my college career.