• Cambodia's Independence

    Cambodia gained independence from France on November 9, 1953.
  • Sihanouk becomes head of state

    Sihanouk's father dies and he inherits the throne.
  • Khmer Rouge is started

  • Khmer Rebellion begins

    The Khmer Rouge overthrows the current king.
  • Khmer Republic is established

    Sihanouk is overthrown and the Khmer Republic is established.
  • Pol Pot gains power

    The Khmer Republic is overthrown and Pol Pot gains power.
  • Phnom Pehn is captured

    Phnom Pehn is captured and Khmer Rouge comes to power.
  • S-21 Prison established

    S-21 prison killed 17,000.
  • Democratic Kampuchea

    Democratic Kampuchea is the replacement that Khmer Rouge establishes as government.
  • Pol Pot Kills Millions

    Pol Pot killed 1.7 mil of his own people from 1976-78.
  • Pol Pot kills more

    Pol Pot purges 30,000 people.
  • President Carter declares

    President Carter declares that Pol Pot is the worst violator of human rights.
  • People's Republic of Kampuchea established

    After Pol Pot lost power The People's Republic of Kampuchea was established.
  • Vietnam helps Cambodia

    Vietnam gave Cambodia support during the 1980's
  • Vietnam Withdraws

  • Cambodian Government

    The People's Republic of Kampuchea becomes Cambodia when it accepts a government
  • Khmer Rouge is outlawed

    Khmer Rouge is outlawed by the CNA (Cambodia National Assembly.
  • Pol Pot arrested

    Pol Pot is sentenced to house arrest.
  • Pol Pot died

    Pol Pot died two days before the 23rd anneversary of Khmer Rouge's takeover.
  • Ta Mok arrested

    Ta Mok, the man who arrested Pol Pot, is arrested himself for involvemnet in Khmer Rouge.
  • S-21 founder arrested

    The founder of S-21 is arrested.
  • Cambodia joins the UN

    Cambodia compromises with the UN.
  • UN Talks

    Cambodia talks to the UN about the trials of Khmer Rouge.
  • Ta Mok dies

  • Khmer Rouge falls

    Khmer Rouge is disbanded