Byron Rogers

By jadajay
  • Held back in 3rd grade

    month & day are not accurate
  • Seeing brother try to commit suicide

    month & day are not accurate
  • Becoming a teenage parent

    Had a son by highschool sweetheart, but the relationship did not last
  • Attended Webster University

    month & date are not accurate
  • DIcscovered artistic talent

    date not accurate
  • Car accident

    fel asleep at the wheel; date not accurate
  • Failed marriage

    got married at 24, and divorced at 24. month & day not accurate
  • Met Vickie Holiday and got married

    happily ever after !
  • Moved to Alabama for career

    month & day not accurate
  • Byron and Vickie had first child together

    daughter Bailee Rogers
  • Moved back to St. Louis

    month & day not accurate