Business Technology Timeline

  • First Computer Design

    Charles Babbage produced the first computer design in 1822. His design was finally started to be produced in 1837. It was intended to be used to punch cards.
  • First Digital Computer

    The first ever computer was called the ENIAC. It was the first digital and high speed. It was programmed as the first computer to solve problems. It was created in the electronic era! It was first used in the ARMY.
  • Creation of Email (MIT)

    The first example of the Email was created in 1965 and it was called MAILBOX and it was created by MIT. Users could leave messages fir someone who used the same computer.
  • Personal Computers were invented

    They were created to be more smaller and more personal. They were created so everyone could use them.
  • The Creation of the Internet

    This was the day the Internet was created. The Internet was created so that way computers could communicate with one another through a single network. The network used to communicate was called ARPANET and it was limited to the use of a few people.
  • Email over the Internet was created

    Ray Tomlinson invented the first Electronic Mail which could be used over the newly invented internet to interact with people around the world.
  • Google Inc. was created.

    Google Inc. was created and funded and has now grown to one the biggest companies in the world.
  • Artificial Intelligence was first introduced to phones

    Apple came out with the first use of Artificial Intelligence in phones. It was given the name "Siri". Siri was created to be used as an individual's personal assistant.