• Period: 100 to


  • 372

    Monks to Korea

    Chinese Monks bring Buddhism to Korea.
  • 403

    Monks bowing to emperor

    In China, Hui Yuan argues that Buddhist monks should be exempt from bowing to the emperor.
  • 553

    Introduced to Japan

    In 552 CE, Buddhism is introduced in Japan and goes on to become the state religion by the end of the century.
  • Jan 1, 600

    Diffusion in Tibet

    First diffusion of Buddhism in Tibet.
  • Jan 1, 641

    Buddism reaches Sumatra

  • Jan 1, 1193

    Attack of Magadha

    The Moslems attacked and conquered Magadha, the heartland of Buhism in India, and with the destruction of the Buddhist Monasteries and Universities (Valabhi and Nalanda)- In that area Buddhism was wiped out.
  • Buddhist texts are destoryed

    In Thailand, many Buddhist texts are destroyed as the Burmese invade Ayutthaya.
  • Sui Dynasty

    Sui dynasty gains power in China.Under this dynasty, Buddhism flourishes tremendously in China.
  • Emperor Suppresses Buddhism

    Chinease emperor suppresses Buddhism.
  • Traveling to Fusang

    Five monks from Gandhara travel to the country of Fusang (Japan, or possibly the American continent), where they introduce Buddhism.