Brooke MacRae's life

By mac0041
  • Born

    I was born on the 8th of June 1999 at 4:29pm as an early surprise 1month earlier than expected. When I was younger my brother was getting toilet training and he was so unsure of how to do it and one day I grabbed out my potty and then I went to the toilet without even being told how it was done. It was like I was showing him that I knew much more than him.
  • 3 year old kinder

    3 year old kinder
    In this year I started at Park Ridge kinder and made lots of friends. I loved 3 year old kinder. When I was in kinder I did not know how to write my nme so I used to just write Boo because I did not know how it was spelt, but my actual name is Brooke
  • Modelling

    At the age of 3 I started doing modelling at Tinlids Modelling Agency. I was in many Target and K-mart magazines. I remember once I had finished modelling for one catolue I would get to keep the clothing I wore for that catologue.
  • 4 year old kinder

    4 year old kinder
    In 2004 I started 4 year old kinder, going to kinder built me up to the experience of going to primary school. I remember in kinder there was this one time where I was playing with my friends and we were playing Power Puff girls. I was the blue Power Puff girl.
  • Started dancing

    Started dancing
    In 2004 I started dancing Knox dance for 8 years. I started out doing just tap and then further on in the I started doing jazz and ballet I really enjoyed it.
  • Primary School

    Primary School
    When I started primary school at five years old I can remember that time being extremely scary because I had these older kids around me and all us little preps were so small compared to the older kids.
  • SRC member

    SRC member
    I year one I was selected to be involved in the Student Representative Council for my class. As a part of this job I had to attend group meetings with the other leaders, and suggest things to improve our school. For me this was a very fun job because we got the opportunity to speak at whole school assemblies.
  • Southern Federation of Dance DVD

    Southern Federation of Dance DVD
    In 2009 I was selected to do a DVD showing all the dance teachers the exact steps for the exam work. we went into a studio one day and we were filmed doing the exam work for levels 3 & 4 this was only an opportunity for a few people to do. I was so glad I got chosen to be the one of the few in the video.
  • Faihills dance competition year 5

    Faihills dance competition year 5
    I competed in Fairhills in year five against girls from all different schools we were all so nervous. one of my friends and we were lucky enough to come 3rd we were really proud of our achievements.
  • Started at Boyd Academy of Dance

    Started at Boyd Academy of Dance
    I 2011 I started at Boyd Academy of Dance doing ballet, jazz, contemporary, and tap. In just 2 weeks of being at the dance school I had been asked to do a jazz solo and jazz troupe competitions I was very excited. not long after that I got asked to do a Neo - classical solo aswell as my jazz solo. I was very successful in all of my competitions and general dancing and I am loving my new dance school.
  • Fairhills dance competition year 6

    Fairhills dance competition year 6
    In year six I once again competed in the Fairhills dance competition I was more nervous than I had ever been because I was doing a solo for the frist time. I was also doing a troupe, but that was not as nerve - racking because I was with a group and it was more comforting. At the end of the competition I ended up with a 2nd in my solo and 2nd in the troupe I was very proud of my results.
  • Ballet Teachers Workshop

    Ballet Teachers Workshop
    I was extremely excited to be chosen to compete in the Ballet Teachers Workshop for the first time. The Ballet Teachers Workshop is a competition held at the Victorian College of the Arts and you get taught excercises and then you perform those excercises to the judges then they select people to go through to the next round. Unfortunately I was not chosen to go throught to the next round, but it was a great chance for me to get better technique and have fun. I was lucky to just get chosen!
  • Highschool

    I am having a great time at highschool and when I first started I went into Rowville Institute of the Arts (RIA) for dance. I left p[rimary school and went int highschool with 2 other people from my primary school. Highschool is not only challenging, but it is a great chance to make new friends. So far I have made lots of friends.
  • Today

    This is what I have been doing from when I was born to now in my life, and I bet their are many more great events to come for me.