Tx flag

Brittany Craig

  • A cannon to protect

    A cannon to protect
    In 1831,Mexican authorities gave settlers of Gonzales a small cannon to protect them from Inadin raids.
  • Voted

    Settlers voted to fight to save the cannon and there rights.
  • Several States were upset

    Several States were upset
    In 1834,Mexico government was falling apart and several States were upset.They felt it was not wise to leave the people of Gonzales with a weapon requsted return of the cannon.
  • Mexican troops

    Mexican troops
    In 1835 September 29,the Texas settlers refused to return the cannon.Mexican troops lead by Lieutenant Francisco Castaneda were aprouching at Gonzales.
  • Deliver the messages

    The colonist allowed one Mexican messenger to swim across a river and deliver the messages between the Mexican troops and the Texas settlers.
  • Plans of attack

    Plans of attack
    September 30 1835,Captin Albert Martin sent a message to San Felipe letting him know plans of attacking Gonzales.His troop only has 18 men strong and requesting more troops.
  • Battle of Gonzales

    Battle of Gonzales
    In 1835 October 2,the first shots were fiired at the Battle of Gonzales.Between 150 Texas settlers and 100 Mexicans.This is the start of the Texas Revoltion.
  • End of Battle

    End of Battle
    On October 2 1835,the battle of Gonzales ended a few hours on the day it started.Mexican troops withdrew. The short battle had ended with one life lost on Mexicos side.
  • The white flag

    The white flag
    On October 2 1835,Texas settlers attacked a Mexican camp.The Texas settlers were flying a white flag with a cannon and the words read 'come and take it'.
  • Fate of cannon

    The cannons fate is disputed.It may have been buiried and rediscovered in 1936 or it may have been seized by Mexican troops after the Battle of the Alamo.