British India

  • Spices

    British Government wanted to control the trade of spices in India.
    This gave the British motive for taking over India. The British queen gave a royal charter to the East India Company to travel to India to conduct trade.
  • Indian Kings signed treaties

    Indian Kings signed treaties
    The British government signed a treaty with the East India Company and Nepal which allowed them to recruit soldiers from Nepal and gave Britian permission to attack other kingdom's in India with Nepal's assistance. Nepals assistance was a key part in Britian controling much of India.
  • Power shifted

    Power shifted
    The power of the East India Company over India was shifted to Great Britian's government making India a British colony.
  • Maintaining India

    Maintaining India
    The first Indian mutiny, headed by Mahatama Gandhi, was launched, which was followed by many others.
  • "Quitting India"

    "Quitting India"
    Britian ruled over India for 357 years. The English could take it no longer, so they decided to "Quit India", and India declared herself an independent nation. India is still an independent nation and has not been conquered after the British rule.