BRIC-India & China

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  • INDIA British Colonized

    British colonized India in the 1700s
  • INDIA Battle of Plassey

    INDIA Battle of Plassey
    -last independent provine
    -after it, everything was under control of the East India Company
  • CHINA Taiping Rebellion

    -Peasant revolt against extravagant and corrupt dynasty due to increased poverty for masses
    -Rebels gain control of large parts of China for 14 years
    Government military eventually crushes rebellion
    -20-30 million die in rebellion
  • CHINA Chinese Dynasties begin to decline

    CHINA Chinese Dynasties begin to decline
    -Extravagant court
    -Widespread corruption in government
    -Tax evasion by the rich = more burden for the poor
    -Population explosion = increased poverty and misery for the masses
  • INDIA The Sepoy Rebellion

    INDIA The Sepoy Rebellion
    -First united rebellion against the British
    -Began because they didn't like/agree with who was ruling
    -British decided to take India under direct control of the crown
  • CHINA Boxer Rebellion

    Imperialist powers carve up China and seek to gain resources for trade and to expand "spheres of influence."
  • CHINA Sun-Yat-sen

    -Qing Dynasty falls
    - SunYat-sen leads China's new republic
  • INDIA Amritsar Massacre

    INDIA Amritsar Massacre
    -pushed Mohandas Gandhi to push for Indian independence from Great Britain
    -stirred Nationalists' feelings across India
    -after the massacre, Gandhi became convinced that India should accept nothing less than full independence
  • CHINA May fourth Movement

    -Students protested against Twenty-One Demands
    -strengthen China by rejecting confucian traditions and adopt ideas from the west
    -End to foreign domination
    -Women were key in protest
    -ended footbinding
  • INDIA Rowlatt Act

    -allowed certain political cases to be tried without juries and permitted internment of suspects without trial
    -object was to replace the repressive provisions of the wartime Defence of India Act
  • INDIA Salt March

    INDIA Salt March
    -march held to protest tax put on salt by British
    -led by Gandhi
    -got a lot of attention
    -changed world opinion on Indian Independence
  • CHINA The Long March

    CHINA The Long March
    -Guomindang went on many extermination campaigns against the Communists
    - The communists went on a Long March to Northern China from 1934-1935
    - During the march, Communist soldiers were told to treat peasnts politely, pay for goods and avoid damaging crops
    -Won support of peasants
  • INDIA Government of India Act

    -limited self rule for Indian provinces
    -by 1937 they were considered independent
  • INDIA Purna Swaraj

    British accepts Indian National Congress independence from British rule
  • INDIA Independence

    India gained its independence in 1947
  • CHINA The Great Leap Forward

    - The Great Leap Forward
    - Mao Zedong encouraged people to make a big effort to increase farm and industrial output
    - It was a FAILURE
    - it turned out low quality, useless goods, and led to famine
    - About 55 million Chinese starved
  • INDIA Indira Gandhi

    INDIA Indira Gandhi
    Indira Gandhi
    -first WOMAN prime minister
    -daughter of Jawaharal Nehru
    -first WOMAN ever elected to lead a democracy
  • CHINA Den Xiaoping


    The U.S. established diplomatic relations with China
  • CHINA Tiananmen Square Massacre

    CHINA Tiananmen Square Massacre
    -thousands of demonstraters occupied Tiananmen Square in the capital of Beijing
    -mainly students
    -They wanted democracy
    - Eventually the government sent in military
    -Thousands of demonstraters were killed or wounded
    -known as Tiananmen Square Massacre