BreAnnas life. (:

Timeline created by BreAnna Ausmus
  • My birth

    As my mother was shopping for baby clothes at JCPenny she had the feeling that i was on the way, and fast. She dropped her stuff and ran home to get my dad and her bags. And after
  • Matthew says "Dont touch my sister!"

    Because I was the first girl in my family, all my parents friends wanted to come by the house to see me. My mom said the first person who came by the house was her friend Sally. And even before she could walk over to my basanette big brother Matthew stood in front of me and said "Dont touch my baby sister!"
  • Ice cream disaster.

    As I was going through some of my old baby pictures i found one of my big brothers and i sitting in a blow up swimming pool eating ice cream. But instead of eating mine i got it all over myself. Mom said I was a ver messy eater.
  • My first birthday

    My mom says i was a great baby, but i wanted all of the attention. On my first birthday I put my face in my cake.
  • two years old

  • "preschool"

    The only memory i have of 1997 is running down the hall way away from my classroom. I didnt like going to school much when i was three. I would have rather been at home with my daddy.
  • Seizures, the beginning.

    I dont remember anything from when I was three, it was all a blur. But when i was three i was diagnosed with pediactric epilepsy. I had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks for them to run test and make sure I would get brain damage fromt hem.
  • The "big" move.

    The summer before kindergarten, my mother and father thought It was a great idea to move. The bank bought out house and the property on it. We moved to a better neighbor hood.
  • The good ole' days. The real preschool.

    I started K-4 and actually loved it. I didint cry for my daddy at all. Preschool was the time when nothing mattered and you looked forward to going to school everyday. The good ole' days when all you did was papint and have nap time. Being a four year old life was so easy and you had no worries.
  • Broken Leg, no zoo. :(

    At the end of my Kindergarten year, just a gew weeks before summer started i had to bright idea to soak my neighbors slide with water that way we would go faster. Well, my friend went down with no problem. But with me it was a different story, i went down so fast and landed on my leg really hard and ended up fracturing it. It was such a great summer.
  • Kindergarten! 5 years old.

    Kindergarten was a fun filled year. First off, i met my best friend Taylor Grigsby we were joined at the hip and still are. Second, i got my first pare of glasses, that i hated i must add. And third, i fractured my right leg right before summer. I was the oldest in my class turning 6 on Oct. 18th.
  • My first concert, Aaron Carter.

    My first concert was amazing. At the age of 7 I was madley in love with Aaron Carter, and so was my little cousin. So my uncle got us tickets to see Aaron Carter in Knoxville. I had the time of my life.
  • First Grade. I became a big sister.

    First grade brought on a bunch of changes to my life. New teachers, first crushes, seizures, Aaron Carter, 9/11 and a new baby brother Braden. I had always been the youngest and the baby of the family until August 24th when my mother gave birth to baby Braden. After he was born everything changed i wasnt the spoiled little girl any more, i was the unselfish big sister.
  • Mommy, I hate my teacher.

    When your eight, everyone is mean. You cant tell the difference between being mean, or giving dicipline. But in my book I had the meanest reading teacher ever. And I would whine to my mother every day that i hated her. I didnt realize then, that she was a really good teacher, I was just a pest.
  • 2nd Grade. First "real" pair of glasses.

    2nd grade was awful. That year i got my first pair of glasses that i had to wear all the time. I felt like such a nerd. I begged my mom not to make me wear them, but then again i couldnt see without them. I was a bad kid and always hid them under my bed and told my mom I "lost" them.
  • 3rd Grade. Seizures, JD.

    3rd grad was a crazy year. I had had seizures since i was 3 years old. But in 3rd grade they really got bad. I had to be hospitilized a lot in 2003. JD Ervin was diagnosed with bone cancer
  • 4th Grade. Papaws death.

    4th grade year brought on a lot of change to my whole family. When your little you really dont think about death. Papaws funeral is just a blur now, it was such an awful time Ive tried to block it from my memory. But Ill never forget the look on my Nannys face.
  • 5th Grade. Sick. JD died.

    5th grade was the awkward year. I got my first pair of contacts. And that was the year i got really sick and had to have my galbladder removed. 5th grade also was the year that JD Ervin died of bone cancer.
  • 6th grade. Middle school!

    Middle School School was the year of change. Everyone came back from the summer and looked so different. My 6th grade year was so scary, we were the little fish in the big pond. I was so nervous about my 6th grade year, and i was afraid that i would get lost. Even though my big brother Zach was in 8th grade i was still scared to death.
  • 7th grade. 6 flags. Matthew leaves.

    7th grade was a great year, waking up at 4 a.m. get on the bus to leave for Lousville Ky. 8th grade was also the year that my bigest brother Matt graduated High School. At the age of 13 big events didnt fase me as much as they do know.
  • 8th grade. Prom!

    Prom was the highlight of my middle school career. I felt like such a cool kid getting my hair done and everything. It took me forever to find the right dress, i went to every dress store in the area. And ended up getting tie-dyed prom dress. Prom was the perfect ending to middle school, and i loved every minute of it.
  • Freshmen Year. (:

    Freshmen year was so exciting, you had the feeling of bein a grown up. A lot of growing up happened over the summer, but it couldnt really prepare you for high school. Luckily I had my big brother Zach to show me around. yea, who am i kidding. He only made it clear to all the guys in the school to never speak to me.
  • Finally 16. "Surprise!"

    For my 16th Birthday my mom tried so hard to keep my "surprise party" a surprise, but it didnt work. As she was trying to drive she handed me her phone which had all the text messages saying all the details to my party. It was so hard not to say anything. When we arrived at my party I had to put on my surprised face!
  • Sophmore year, goodbye Zachary. :(

    Sophmore year was the hardest year yet. Spanish, Callen, and Geometry all crammed into one year. It almost killed me. But I would have to say, this year has been the best one yet. But it also has its bad parts, my brother is graduating and I dont know how im going to handle it. Zach and I are so close its going ot be so weird without him here for me to depend on.