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Born with Traditional Media, Grown Up to Modern Media

  • Born in the Year of Advancements

    Born in the Year of Advancements
    Although being born in the era of modernity, Our family is still on the traditional media using newspaper and magazines, even with a old and antique TV.
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    Being raised by my grandparents till I started elementary, I was mostly taught to use a ballpen and paper, and simply watching on a old TV was the type of media I was exposed in.
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    First Ever Tablet

    Back then I was just borrowing the Nokia phone of my grandmother. From Grade 1, I was given my very first Mobile tablet to use or play with. Then and there my love and aspirations for modern things grew more, although there is still some like the Old TV of ours we still use.
  • R. I. P. Tablet

    R. I. P. Tablet
    The moment I broke my tablet I too was broken as I was really scolded and made me sad for like months but thankfully I was a playful kid back then and that made me forget about it.
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    Broken to A New

    The day Christmas came I think my parents knew that that tablet wont last for long so they bought us new ones that is now full of games.
  • An Unexpected Gift

    An Unexpected Gift
    I was a little curious of my big sisters phone, so every time my tablet was low battery and have to charge it, I borrow my sisters phone. My tablet yet again sadly broke and on my birthday my big sister gave me a new phone, which I was very thankful of, so much in fact I made a promise to Never Ever Brake Anymore Gadgets... to fast.
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    A Little Thing with Large Possibilities

    Those times the Internet become available through mobile data and I become obsessed to Youtube videos, I watched online from foreigners like Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie and they made my day and I did not even miss a single post back then.
  • Advancing Even More

    Advancing Even More
    During the pandemic we had to rely on a Wi-Fi router as going outside is difficult and the computer at our home here in Bulacan became able to access internet and there begins the days of My Computer Addiction.
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    Now from Then

    Now that time passed, even more I changed for the better and become a person who can put aside their phone and not rely on it, even for the time the face to face classes came back, I never change my mode of living with media, only needing it when required.