Blackout 2011 - 48hrs without technology

  • Turn off all electronics

  • Thinking: it's going to be one long weekend

    no doubt about it, but I've gone on fasts and lasted without food how bad could this really be?
  • Went to Friday prayers at local Mosque

    It's a peaceful sort of feeling, haven't really been able to go to the local mosque in days. Not blaming it on technology or anything.
  • 5pm Sort of bored, tempted to call up friends

    It feels kind of lonely without any means of technology
  • 7pm Decided to shoot some hoops with brother

  • 11pm Family goes out to eat, feels weird without a phone.

    So now I feel at a disadvatnage, even while waiting for our dinner to be served I would text someone in my spare time, and when I say spare i mean it. Even the smallest of moments didn't go by without me texting/checking twitter/facebook
  • 1am at home, what did I used to do around this time?

    Seems like I've lost track of time with since my daily routines of technology filled hours have been cut. Ah what to do..this was the casual facebook, texting in bed time.
  • 2:30 am, might as well go to sleep. Note to self: be occupied tomorrow

    so it was a rough start to the blackout assignment, hopefully tomorrow might be better and I'll be well adjusted!
  • Period: to

    48 hours

  • It's 12pm on a Saturday. Rise and shine world

    If this were any other weekend, my Saturday would have begun around 2pm. Techonology and its wonders - aka turned me into a nightowl
  • Mhmm coffee

    So I decided to walk to the nearest coffee haus, sit down with my favourite magazine, Elle, and sip some coffee. Do I feel relaxed or what!
  • 2pm Productivity

    Well, since I'm not doing anything, might as well clean my room- oh the dauting task BLAH. Whoops, was about to turn on some music. Almost slipped up there!
  • 2:30

    Only half an hour? Are you kidding me. Well one things for sure- I buy way too many clothes. hmm, donation time!

    Urgh. Want to go out.. NOW! Asked mom to take me out to get a pedi! In dire need, if I do say so myself.
  • 3:30pm I have nice feet :)

    The weather is so nice! Get to wear my flip flops, mom wants to go apple-picking. Not sure why(we can get apples anywhere). But since I'm not doing anything might as well get me some apples!
  • En Route to Missisauga

    Apple picking here we come.
  • Raja's and apples dont mix

    My mom kept wanting to take pictures while on the tractor. My Brother just felt embaressed seeing all the younger children on it as well. I loved it though! Whipped a few apples at my brother, which might've have been why I had so much fun!
  • Family Gathering

    Although its 8pm might be too late for people to get together, but we're at my aunt's house. Aw my cousins baby is so adorable. Took some pictures, had some Pakistani cusine, oh do Am I stuffed or what.
  • 11pm Home Sweet Home

    Yawn, feel tired, but feels nice to have room cleaned for once. Looking through baby pics with mom might just fall asleep on couch!
  • 12am. Goodnight world, goodbye fast

    Can't believe I survived it the temptation of using technology. At times it was unintentionally! phew.