By fozzy
  • The Congress Of Vienna

  • The Carlsbad Decrees

  • Growth of Prussian Influence

  • Revolutions in the German states

  • The Frankfurt Assembly

  • King Fredrick Disband Prusiian Parliament

  • Frankfurt Assembly Dispersed

  • Formation of a national Chamber of Commerce

  • Bismarck Appointment

  • The Danish War

  • Austro-Prussian War

  • Franco-Prussian War

  • Period: to

    Political Unification and economic development

  • The Kulturkampf

  • The anti-socialist laws

  • Bon on trade unions

  • Establishment of the German protectorate South-West Africa

  • Cameroon and Togoland

  • Germans acquisition of Marshall Islands in the Pacific

  • Germanys purchase of Caroline and Mariana Islands