Birthday Timeline Project: Cade Windham 02/01/2012

  • Cade was born!

    Cade was born!
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  • Cade's 1st birthday

    Cade's 1st birthday
  • First word

    First word
    My first word was ball.
  • Cade's 2nd birthday

    Cade's 2nd birthday
  • Cade's 3rd birthday

    Cade's 3rd birthday
  • Cade's 4th birthday

    Cade's 4th birthday
    I had a birthday party at my house with a bouncy house in the back yard.
  • Cade's 5th birthday

    Cade's 5th birthday
  • Cade's 6th birthday

    Cade's 6th birthday
  • Bike crash

    I hit a mailbox riding my new bike. I hit my head and fell off my bike.
  • Swimming with the dolphins

    Swimming with the dolphins
    I swam with a dolphin named CJ at Discovery Cove.
  • Fishing in the Keys

    Fishing in the Keys
    I caught 12 yellow tail snappers!
  • Cade's 7th birthday

    Cade's 7th birthday
    I had a giant cookie cake and a bouncy house and slide at my birthday party.
  • Cade's 8th birthday

    Cade's 8th birthday
    I had a football party and we played relay races in the park for my birthday party. It was cold and rainy and we played football in the rain!
  • Flag football champions

    Flag football champions
    My football team won our championship game by 5 touchdowns! We won a big trophy.