By Nroesch
  • Birth

    For more info on vaccines given at birth Vaccines that were given me at birth gave me immunity to diseases that could kill me if i didn't have them
  • Period: to

    Biotechnology in my life

  • Tetanus Shot

    Tetanus Shot
    Tetanus Info I cut my hand on a rusty nail and i needed to get another tetanus shot because i had not gotten one in a while.
    Biotechnology prevented me from getting tetanus.
  • Strep throat

    Strep throat
    Strep Throat info I Got strep throat for the first time and the medicine used to heal it is a result of biotechnology.
  • Broken arm

    Broken arm
    Broken Arm Info When i broke my arm the cast and medicine were a result of biotechnology.
  • Flu Shot

    Flu Shot
    [ Flu Info]( got a flu shot in 2003 to prevent me from gettin the disease
  • Glasses

    Why people need glasses My sister wore glasses that were created by biotechnology to help her see
  • Oxygen Breather

    Oxygen Breather
    Oxygen Mask Biotechnology created the plastic that was in the air breather that keeped my grandma alive for a few more days.
  • Root Canal

    Root Canal
    What is a root canal? When i had to get a root canal biotechnology was involved by making the replacement teeth that they put on.
  • Medicine saved grandpa

    Medicine saved grandpa
    CLOT BUSTER Medicine called a clot buster saved my grandpa from dying of a heart attack.