• The day

    It was a normal day everything was perfect but at 1:00 P.M. A new life came to the world
  • Period: to

    Carlos Cincunegui's life

  • First birthday

    1 year since the Special One was born. In his first birthday he do a piñata with his cousins.
  • The Sister

    The sister of the Special One was born. When she was born she was ugly but atleast the Special One was handsome.
  • New House and new friend

    I changed of house. I was neighbor of a friend of my mom and i met her daughter and we became good friends.
  • a new fan

    a new fan
    I got my fisrt t-shirt of Comunicaciones and Real Madrid
  • The first trip

    The first trip
    I went to Disney for the first time in my life.
  • Stepfather

    This day was important in my life because my stepfather and I went to the same house. He had taughtme alot of things since that day.
  • A new member

    That day i met my new sister she was ugly but thats not my fault so lets move on.
  • I lost my first worldcup

    I lost my first worldcup
    I was fan of germany and we lost the final game.
  • My first fight

    I was in the birthday of one of my best friends and I started a fight with another kid.
  • grecia won the euro cup

    I was hearing by radio the final game of euro cup and grecia won
  • I dropped my last teeth

    it was kind of important because i got 500 Q for that
  • I didn't like germany anymore

    they lost in semifinal and i decided to leave that team
  • I had a bad year at school

    I lost my first 4 classes
  • Spain

    Spain won the euro cup like 64 since their last cup
  • I met the sky

    I was in Spain and I went into the sky to watch where the team of my dreams played soccer every week
  • I met a chinese and became her friend

    I met a chinese and became her friend
    It was a normal day at school and my classmates where working. I was watching the window as always and suddenly I saw a chinese girl. She was walking besides the principal coming to our class I was scared I didn't liked chinesse people. Her name was SI Wung Chiu so we told her Mary. At the beginig I tried to talk to her in spanish and she didn't understood so i start drawing her. She understood my drawings in 1 month I was teaching her spanish and now we are good friends.
  • World Champion

    World Champion
    I was watching with my family the final game of world cup. When iniesta shooted i started crying
  • I met my mini friend

    I met my mini friend
    I was in school and we had an extra desk but when I was picking up my pencil case I saw her. She was little like stuart the mice. I talked to her and she told me that she was Luisa Maria Carías Piñata. I'm afraind of gnomes and all that rare creatures but I told myself "myself talk her she is just little she doesn't bite". I was wrong she bites but it was to late with the fights we start hating each other but wise people say " Between hate and love there is only one step" now we love each other.
  • Caca nou

    I went to de Caca Nou to watch Chelsea FC to kick Farsalonas butt.
  • Guatemala won a spot in colombia worlcup u-20

    I started yelling and crying and went to the obelisco to sing and dance