• My Birthdate

    My Birthdate
    Happy Birthday to me
    After their first son 15 months previously my parents were blessed with their first and only daughter. Eight years later my baby brother was born which pushed me into the "Middle Child Synddrome" Know about it? Read about it! It does exist. :0) Love my brothers -glad I had no sisters. Best parents you could ever ask for.
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    Beth Lang - Past and Future

    Beth Lang - History and 5 Year Goals
  • Piano Lessons

    Piano Lessons
    I begged to take piano lessons. Practice -HATED IT.They didn't think I could do it so they first had my Aunt teach me as a test. Guess I passed (or her nerves gave out) because they hired a piano teacher. This has helped me so much in my life to be able to read music and play an instrument. It is something I am proud of. I'm not great. But it makes me feel good about myself.
  • Elementary School Graduation

    Elementary School Graduation
    Greenwich Elementary School-Now Morris Goodwin School. (Who was like a grandfather to me) A school named after him- if he had been Catholic - there would be a saint named after him.
    Small school for us "country bumpkins" :0) Great memories. Great classmates.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    Bridgeton High School Age 17
  • First Child Born

    First Child Born
    Terri Melissa Mossbrooks
    6 lb 14 oz
    I was 22 years old and it was a PLANNED pregnancy. Go figure :0) She was smarter than I was at 6. If the show "Are you smarter than a 5th Grader were around then -She was have beat them all.
    AND - provided me with my "2" grandsons. They love me!!
  • College Graduation

    College Graduation
    Finally!!! I quit college after 2 1/2 years to start a family. (Don't regret it but should have finished first - in hindsight. And you REALLY should listen to your parents advice and do it) After 4 years returned full time and graduated from Glassboro State College Health/Physical Education BA $ with a BS in Physical Education .This gave me the education to obtain a great job with good benefits and one that I have enjoyed for 31 years.
  • First Teaching Job

    First Teaching Job
    First interview for the first job one year after College Graduation. Cumberland Regional High School
    Health/PE Teaching position
    Coaching Field Hockey and Softball was part of the position.
    What an opportunity to work so closely to home (about 10 miles) in a high school. (which was my preference over elementary school)
  • Second Child Born

    Second Child Born
    Samantha Jo Ewan
    6lb 11oz I had to wait 16 years to have another child after years of thinking this would never happen. She is brings meaning to my life. I don't know what I would done without her in my life. And SHE keeps ME straight at times!!
  • Missouri Traveler's "Hobo"

    Missouri Traveler's "Hobo"
    Age 4 from Waterloo PA Who needs a dog when you have a horse that doesn't know he's a horse!!! My best friend. He loves you unconditionally. (Because you are in control of the sweet feed!!!) He has outsmarted many humans in his lifetime. You have to remind him that "YOU" are in charge.
  • Jim O'Neal

    Jim O'Neal
    If you know exactly what you want in a life partner and you don't stick to that list it is your own fault. Everyone makes mistakes in their life, that can't be avoided. The biggest mistake is if you don't learn from your mistakes. THey don't have to be exactly like you. It's the blending of two personalities and factor in compassion for people other than yourself.
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    Can it start at a better time? SUMMER
    And then the rest of the year(s) it will be:
    Can it be here already? Am I ready for it?
    YOU BET! I will get up every day and say to myself "What do I want to do today?"