Bertha Van Hoosen

  • Birth

    On March 26th, 1863, Bertha Van Hoosen was born.
  • Graduated High School

    In 1880, Bertha Van Hoosen graduated from Pontiac High School.
  • Enrolled into UM

    After graduating high school, Van Hoosen enrolled into the literary department of University of Michigan (UM).
  • Graduated UM

    In 1884, Van Hoosen graduated from UM with her Bachelor's Degree
  • Enrolled into UM Medical School

    In 1884, after graduating with her Bachelor's Degree, Van Hoosen enrolled into the University of Michigan's Medical School.
  • Period: to

    Series of Residencies

    After graduating UM, Dr. Van Hoosen took up a series of residencies before she felt ready to start her practice at the: the Women’s Hospital in Detroit, Kalamazoo State Hospital for the Insane, and the New England Hospital for Woman.
  • Graduated UM Medical School

    Dr. Van Hoosen graduated from the University of Michigan in 1888 with a Medical Degree. She was the first woman to graduate with a medical degree from the University of Michigan.
  • Opened Private Practice

  • World's Columbian Exposition

    Dr. Van Hoosen's first position was as the emergency physician at the World's Columbian Exposition, or Chicago World's Fair of 1893.
  • Founded AMWA

  • Death

    On June 7th, 1952, Dr. Van Hoosen passed away due to a stroke at the age of 89.