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  • born-21 March of 1806

    born-21 March of 1806
    born- 21 March 1806 -san Pablo Guelatao,Oaxaca
  • entered seminary

    entered seminary
    -Juarez entered seminary of Santa Cruz, where he learned Spanish Benito and law before graduating in 1827.
  • education

    -Juarez continued his education, entering the Institute of Sciences and Arts, graduating in 1834 with a law degree.
  • elected governor

    elected governor
    By 1847 he had been elected governor of the state of Oaxaca.
  • began carrers

    began carrers
    1852: He began his POLITICAL CAREER :
  • captured the capital.

    captured the capital.
    in November 1854 when Alvarez forces captured the capital.
  • president of mexico

    president of mexico
    Benito juarez is the 25th president of Mexico,15 January of 1858- 10 April 1864.
  • return to mexico

    return to mexico
    returned to Mexico to serve in the government; he succeeded to the presidency in 1858.
  • The U.S. government

    The U.S. government
    The U.S. government, forced to choose sides, liberal government formally recognize Juarez in 1859.
  • returned to Mexico City

    returned to Mexico City
    January 1, 1861, Juárez returned to Mexico City to assume the presidency of a united Mexico.
  • fought off the French

     fought off the French
    Juárez fought off the French and in 1867 was elected president. His presidency in the post-war period was plagued by frequent uprisings, but Juárez is considered one of Mexico's greatest heroes.
  • died

    Died- 18 July 1872 (aged 66) (heart attack) ,Mexico City, Federal District