Autobiografia de Luis A. Perozo 9-1

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  • Birth

    I was born in the HIMA Hospital in Caguas on March 28th, 2005 to my father, mother and sister.
  • Summer 2014

    Summer 2014
    This is the first time I recognized and started to find out the things I really liked and loved, even if I liked them beforehand. Stuff like music, videogames and YouTube videos were a newfound treasure in my 9 year old life.
  • Disney Visit

    Disney Visit
    I visited Disney and Universal in 2014 and al though I don't remember specific details I can tell you that I found traveling and the act of GOING places not even being IN those places REALLY fun.
  • Summer 2018

    Summer 2018
    I remember this summer fondly, because I felt like a lot if not most of my character development was made in this year due to the feelings I obtained and had that summer. Grief due to the death of my favorite artist at the time, happiness from the trip to Emory University and Atlanta, Georgia to leave my sister in her new university at the time, sadness for the end of summer and many more to not be as specific.
  • Winter Break 2018

    Winter Break 2018
    I started bettering myself and aspects about myself in this winter break, and found solace in self work, I found some things that worked for myself like music, my favorite artist of all time Tyler, the Creator, and some things that didn't work, like loneliness.
  • 8th Grade

    8th Grade
    8th Grade was my pivotal point of transition from my personality and harsh being in 7th to the person I am today, where as I found my newfound love for colors and emotions that I did not display in 7th. This was simply not working.
  • Summer 2019

    Summer 2019
    Summer 2019 was vastly more different than 2018, but very similar in the range of emotions. I found my deeprooted love for music and my EXACT tastes and what I'm receptive to in that summer, and things happened that summer that have affected me in a personal matter. A couple to name a few was the release of my favorite album to date, IGOR by Tyler, the Creator, my first ''heartbreak'' experience and a visit and the start of a connection to the rest of my family in RD.
  • Period: to

    José Mercado: First School

    I joined the Jose Mercado school in 2010 in kindergarten all the way to 6th grade, where then I left to join the CIMATEC faculty in my sister's steps. It was an ''ok to good'' school as it was public and isn't the most advanced in really any subject matter, but I among others stood out since we were kinds nerds and weird.
  • Period: to


    I entered CIMATEC in 7th like my sister cause I felt like being challenged more and knew that this was an opportunity for my future, and al though it was sad to say goodbye to all my friends in Jose Mercado, this was a fresh start, a reset. For the future.