Australia's role within the United Nations

By sanjani
  • Charter Of UN was signed.

    The Charter of the United Nations was signed on this day at San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center. 51 original member countries are apart of this treaty.
  • End of WW2

    The End of WW2.
  • United Nations is founded.

    entry into force of the United Nations Charter.
  • UNESCO was founded.

    UNESCO has 192 member states, they promote education and understand differences and support. they are involved in many projects including world heritage sites and memory of the world.
  • Evatt was elected.

    Evatt was elected President of the General Assembly, he was the only Australian to have such a high position in the United Nations.
  • Demand of expulsion of Holland.

    Australia's representatives demanded the expulsion of Holland from the world body but the Liberal Party opposed of this decision and as a result Australia's efforts were lost.
  • Korean War

    Australia became involved in the Korean War at the request of the United Nations as a peace-keeping mission.
  • The UN Convention Concerning the protection of the protection of the world cultural and Natural Heritage

    Australia became one of the first countries to accept this convention.
  • The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

    was signed on this day is a treaty stating civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children.
  • INTERFET peacekeeping

    International Force for East Timor dealt with militia violence against the East Timor people. with 120 nation involved in INERTFET involved the aim was to ensure safety and security for East Timor, a developing country. Australia worked with the police force in East Timor to Ensure Law and Order and searched the islands to make sure of no threats and that the locals were safe. this was a peacekeeping mission to help a developing country move forward.