Troops to vietnam

Australia's Involevement in the Vietnam War


    The countries included Australia, New Zealand and the United States. It was to cooperate on the defense matters in the Pacific Ocean.

    A treaty for a collective defense in South East Asia. The countries included Australia, France, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
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    Vietnam War

  • Australia sends its first soldiers

    Australia sends its first soldiers
    Australia send a batch of 30 military advisers in response to the assisstance of South Vietnam's Leader. These people aremembers of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV).
  • First Australian to die

    First Australian to die
    Advisor, Sargent Wiliam Hacking becomes the first Australian to die after being caught in vegetation from the discharging of his weapon.
  • First Australian to Die

    First Australian to Die
    Warrant Officer Class 2, Kevin Conway become the first Australian soldire to die in result of ENEMY ACTION.
  • Australian Government's Response

    Australian Government's Response
    America and South Vietnam ask for 200 additional advisers and offers to send troops to South Vietnam
  • HMAS Sydney

    HMAS Sydney
    HMAS Sydney arrives in Vung Tau, Vietnam carrying a load of Australian soldiers to support Southern Vietnam.
  • Harold Holt becomes Prime Minister

    Harold Holt becomes Prime Minister
    He also increases to a 4350-man taskforce and said that he will include conscripts.
  • 3RAR Establishment

    3RAR Establishment
    The Australian Batch called 3RAR established their base at Nui Dat as '1 ATF's' third battalion
  • Prime Minister Gorton

    Prime Minister Gorton
    Prime Minster Gorton stands down and indicates that he will not increase Australia's commitment to Vietnam
  • Goverment Polls Agains the War

    Goverment Polls Agains the War
    Government Polls in Australia shows that 55% of Australians are wanted to be brought home from Vietnam.
  • Protests

    Anti-Vietnam War Protestors march their first stage of an attempt to bring back home Australian Soldiers