Australiamap 1

Australia's Colonial Past

By naha5a
  • 1788

    1780s, 1788- King George the 3rd sends the first group of convicts to new Holland to found the first colony at Sydney cove. They assumed that the aboriginals did not own the land and would step aside
    Aboriginal people are no longer the only inhabitants. The French were stopped from colonising Australia. We inherited English religion, laws and values.
  • 1790s

    1790s, The second fleet known as the death fleet arrives with enough supplies to end the famine, unlike convict transport before and after. This fleet is organised by a private shipping contractors who tried to minimise all food and medicine expenses during the voyage to increase their profits. 278 convicts and crew died compared to 48 on the first fleet The colony needed to restock on supplies fast; this fleet helped the colony stop the famine.
  • 1805

    1800s, 1805- The explorer Matthew Flinders, having become the first cecum navigate the entire continent, argues that it should be called Australia, an Anglicisation of the original Latin term for Great Unknown Southern Land. The name stays with settlers and it is soon in popular usage. When Matthew Flinders argues to call New Holland Australia he wants to name the continent and it worked and the name stayed with the people of Australia for 200 years now.
  • Henry Parkes

    Henry Parkes
    on this day Henry parks was born
  • 1810s

    Merino wool leaves for England to manufacture jumpers, socks and shirts. Now 80% of the British colony’s around the world all its wool will now come from Australia. Wool was Australia’s first ever trading tool to use to make roads, pathways and buildings. Wool is also very important In England in winter when it is snowing people must keep worm.
  • 1820s

    1820s, the British Government claims Western Australia and captain Starling lands at the mouth of swan river, to establish the new colony in Perth The new Western Australian colony will help the British Government with their trading with other countries
  • 1830s

    south Australia was founded. the old gum tree near Gellong beach near governer John Hindmars. With free settlers priting them selves on being systematic colonizers, they follow wakefeilds princibles so no convicts are allowd. South Australia was founded
  • 1840s

    First elections for Legislative council in NSW, the colony is on the road to democracy and representative government. Soon Australia will be a democracy and people will be able to vote for what they want.
  • 1850s

    The Eureka Stockade, gold miners at Ballerat erect a wooden stockade to protest the Government’s ill treatment and fly a flag of defence and it means “we swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.” The first ever Gold rush in Australia. It also showed that the people wanted to be heard.
  • Henry Parkes

    Henry Parkes
    Parkes started a newspaper, calledEmpire, to spread his ideas. He was agood writer and worked very longhours and supported by allot of people he knew
  • Henry Parkes

    Henry Parkes
    elected to New South Wales parliament
  • Henry Parkes

    Henry Parkes
    Parkes's 1866 Public Schools Act, passed the assembly with Opposition assistance. This measure was Parkes's first important contribution to edugcation reform. Prompted by the high cost of competing national and denominational systems of education, they aimed at rationalizing expednditure by placing both under a Council of Education which was also to oversee teacher training and the content of secular lessons.
  • 1860s

    Prince Alfred, son of British Queen Victoria, has come to visit the colony on the first ever Royal tour of Australia. Irish man Henry James O’Farrell shoots him in an attempted assassination. The Prince makes a full recovery but is not happy with the colony, if anyone catches O’Farrell, he will be hanged immediately. The first ever Bush Ranger shoots the Prince of Britain for the first time.
  • 1870s

    The first Overland Telegraph line is completed linking Darwin to Adelaide for the first time in Australia. It’s connected to Java from there to England. Now, news travels in a matter of hours not months. The first ever telegram station from Australia to Europe and first electrical communication in Australia.
  • 1880s

    Henry Parks the Premier of NSW for the fifth time gives a speech at the public Banquet in Tenterfield on the border of QLD and NSW and declares “I think it is time we close at hand when the colonies have got to set about creating a great National Government for all Australians” if it works then they will call him the Father of Federation. He makes the first National Government for all Australians, not just the ones who have a British family.
  • Henry Parkes

    Henry Parkes
    He made a famous speech (Tenterfield address) in which he called for a convention of leading men to meet to discuss how a national government could be formed for Australia
  • Henry Parkes

    Henry Parkes
    henry leads the first constitional convention and becomes premier for the fifth time!
  • 1890s

    The Western Australian parliament authorises the rising of a loan to construct a water pipeline from Perth to the gold fields of Kalgoorlie. This was the first ever pipeline to be made in Western Australia. it will bring water to hundreds
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