The first fleet in botany bay

Australian Studies

  • Period: to


    The Making of the modern world
  • The industrial revolution unofficialy begins

  • Steam engine invented

    Steam engine invented
    A more efficient steam engine was invented than Thomas Newcoms steam engine. It was invented by James Watt and was 75% more efficient than Newcoms
  • James Cook charts the eastern coast of Australia

  • First Fleet

    First Fleet
    The First fleet arrive at Sydney Cove to start their settlement of Australia.
  • Tasmania is proved to be an island

    Flinders and Bass circumnavigate Tasmania
  • Fisrt settlement of Tasmania

    the settlement is set up at risdon by lietenant Bowen
  • First Australian Bank

    the first bank was founded in australia, it was later renamed Westpac
  • New Zealand becomes a separate colony

    New Zealand becomes a separate colony from Australia
  • Monier invented reinforced concrete

  • Australia's first University

    The university of of Sydney is founded
  • Victoria is separted from New South Wales

  • Victorian gold rush

    gold is found at Summerhill creek in Ballarat
  • Queensland becomes separate from NSW

  • South Australia takes over the Northen Territory which was originally part of NSW

    takes over the Northen Territory which was originally part of NSW
  • Darwin and adelaide are united by a telegraph line

  • Uluru is discovered and named Ayers Rock

  • the first trams start in adelaide, it is a horse drawn tram

  • Ned Kelly is hanged

  • the first australian cricket team is formed and beats england in the ashes

  • the first aeroplane flies into australia

  • Period: to

    The Great War

    The fisrt great world war begins and ends this signals the begining of the modern world