Australian Natural Disasters

  • the federation draught

    occured between 1895-1902. very severe and dryed out almost all major rivers and creeks in australia.
  • Cyclone mahina

    in cape yourk in queensland. resulted the greatest death toll of many natura disasters in australias recorded history. over 400 peopl died including the crews of around 100 pearling fleet vessels, and an estimanted 100 local aborigines.
  • northern tasmania flood

    22 people died when heavy rain caused severe flooding in the north east of tasmania. 14 people died when the Briseis Dam on the cascade river gave way.
  • South-eastern australia flood

    torrential rain fell over south eastern australia, where the ground was already saturatd from good autumn rains.major flooding occured onevery river in the Gippsland area of Victoria and southern new south wales.
  • Tasmanian fires

    southern australia was experienceing draugth conditions. 164, 270 hectares were burnt in tasmania in just 5 hours. 110 fires burning, one reached hobart. 60 people died. 1, 400 homes and buildings were destroyed. at the time, it was the largest loss of life and property in australia from a fire on any single day in australias history.
  • Cyclone ada

    in queensland it made a path of distruction including the islands of daydream, south molle and hayman. The damage bill was estimated at 390 million dollars and 14 people were killed.
  • Brisbane, Queensland

    a cyclone brought heavy rainfall to Brisbane and many parts of south eastern queensland and norhtern new south wales. 17 suburbs were severely flooded. 14 people died and over 300 were injured. 56 homes were washed away and 1600 were submerged.
  • Cyclone tracy

    struck in the city of darwin. 195 millimeteres of rain fell in less than 9 hours. and winds of about 250km per hour. and flattened the city. is the most destructive for property damage in australia. 71 people were killed and many thousands injured. 25, 000 were left homeless.
  • Draught

    occured between 1982-83. large areas of centeral and eastern australia.
  • Ash wednesday bushfires

    victoria and south australia had 180 bushfires across both states. 43 degree day and draught conditions. the largest of them starting in victoria.
  • Queensland and new south wales

    over one million square klometeres of queensland and new south wales were flooded. 6 people killed and 60 were injured.
  • Draught

    occured between 1991-1995. north eastern New South Wales and much of queensland. lowest rainfall levels on record. a number of major resevoirs went dry and many others fell to critically low levels.
  • druaght

    between 2002-2006.
    eastern and southern australia had wide spread draught.
  • Canberra fires

    extreme weather conditions led to multiple outbreaks of fir in Namadgi national park in canberra. strong winds pushed the fires into forest areas. thousands of hectares of forest and park lands were burnt out.
  • Cyclone larry

    the far north of queensland coast was declared a natural disaster zone after severe impact of a tropical cyclone.the catagory 5 cyclone got winds of up to 290km/h. major damage was caused to homes.1.5billion dollars was the estimated cost of the damage.
  • queensland floods

    many lives were lost and lots of damage. heaps of people lost there homes and elongings.
  • Victorian bushfires