Australian Migration (superior awesomeness)

  • Period: to


  • James Cook explores Australian coastline

  • James Cook discoveres Norfork Island

  • the First Fleet establishes the first white settlement in Australia

  • The first ‘free’ settlers arrive.

  • Period: to


  • Flinders suggests the name Australia.

  • A settlement is established at Moreton Bay in Queensland.

  • The Moreton Bay settlement is moved and named Brisbane.

  • Sturt explores inland areas of South Australia, discovering the Darling and Murray Rivers.

  • Period: to


  • The 1911 Australian census indicates:

    1,798 were born in Greece 6,719 were born in Italy 451,288 were born in Britain
  • The ban on Greek and Maltese migration imposed during World War One is lifted.

  • Russians living in China when the People’s Republic of China was established are able to immigrate to Australia.

  • Kosovar and East Timorise refugees arrive in Australia.