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Australian Immigration Timeline

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    Australian Immigration

  • First Settlers

    First Settlers
    The First Settlers arrived on Australian shores. The boats containing convicts and crew members.
  • Free Settlers

    Free Settlers
    Free Settlers and the Military began to migrate to Australia.
  • Federation

    Federation was formed in Australia. The white Australian policy was put into place.
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    1928 was the year of the Great Depression, this was also when Australia did not allow any migration INTO Australia from foreign countries.
  • Holocaust

    During WW2 Jewish refugees were fleeing concentration camps from Europe and seeking refuge in Australia.
  • World War 2 ends

    World War 2 ends
    World War 2 ends and Australia is now faced with the problem of 'Populate or Perish'.
  • Migration continues

    Migration continues
    Immigrants from Europe keep migrating. There is a natural increase within the population. The 'Baby Boomer' generation is born.
  • Korea and Vietnam

    Korea and Vietnam
    The 60's was when the Vietnam war took place. Many immigrants came over to Australia legally and illegally from Korea and Vietnam.
  • Middle East

    Middle East
    Australia recieves more migrants from the Middle East as it is in war. Citizens are fleeing the country to be safe, and so choosing Australia as their new home.
  • Troops sent overseas

    Troops sent overseas
    Australian troops are sent over to Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa to aid soldiers and fight in foreign countries.
  • Pacific Solution

    Pacific Solution
    The Pacific Soultion was put into place, Detention centres were set up on surrounding islands of Australia and on Australia, illegal immigrants are sent to the centres.