Australian Immigration

  • The First Fleet leavees

    The First Fleet leavees
    The First Fleet leaves the shore of Britainl.
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    Australian Immigration

    Australian Immigration
  • The First Fleet

    The First Fleet First Fleet was the first white fleet of ships that landed in Australia. Inside, was convicts, soldiers and governors.
  • The Second Fleet

    The Second Fleet
    The exact date of the second fleet wasn't recorded but it was in 1790.
  • The Third Fleet

    The Third Fleet
    The third fleet...
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    Australian Immigration

  • Period: to

    Convicts arriving in Australia

    During this period 32 500 convicts arrive in Australia.
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    52,200 convicts arrive in Australia
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    Free settlers

    Over 62,000 free settlers arrive in Australia.
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    Australian Immigration

  • Birth places

    Birth places
    Places of birth in the 1901 survey show that: 878 were born in Greece 5,678 were born in Italy 25,788 were born in New Zealand 29,907 were born in China 38,582 were born in Germany 495,074 were born in Britain.
  • Period: to

    Immigrants arrive in Australia

    Almost 600 000 immigrants arrive in Australia. Over 470 000 of these are assisted immigrants.
  • Immigrants

    92000 migrants arrive in Australia
  • British

    Immigrants born in Britain make up 67% of all those Australians born overseas.
  • Refuges

    The Prime Minister allows 800 refugees to stay in Australia and also allows Japanese ‘war brides’ to enter the country.
  • Migrants

    Over 2, 000,000 migrants have arrived since the end of World War 2.
  • James Pan

    James Pan
    James Pan was born.
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    Australian Immigrants

  • Children

    The government make claims of illegal immigrants throwing children overboard.
  • Asylum Seekers

    Asylum Seekers
    The Australian government refuses permission for asylum seekers from Afghanistan and Iran to enter Australia and send them to Nauru.
  • Concerns over terroism

    Concerns  over terroism
    Current concerns over terrorism and possible conflict lead to tightening of immigration and refugee processes.