Australian History Timeline

  • Australia is chosen as a place to send the convicted criminals that are threatening to overload England.

    Australia had convicts arriving. The English were happy and safe, the aborigines got mad.
  • Smallpox kills the indigenous population around Sydney.

    Lots of indigenous people died, so the indigenous population got smaller.
  • The British settle in Van Diemen's land (Tasmania)

    The British gain more land and the indigenous people have less land.
  • Australian wool is first sent to England.

    Australia always has to send their wool first to England.
  • Governor MacQuarie recommended the use of the name Australia as first suggested by Matthew Flinders.

    Australia started being called 'Australia'.
  • Port Arthur penal colony is built in Van Diemen's land.

    Tasmania wasn't as safe as it used to be now that there are convicts there.
  • The first sugar cane is grown in Queensland

    Australia becomes famous for growing sugar cane
  • The University of Sydney is founded

    The effect on Australia is that more people can get education and qualifications.
  • Truganini, believed to be the last Tasmanian aborigine dies.

    We lose more Aborgine people.
  • The Kelly gang is captured.

    There are less robbers on the streets so people feel safer.
  • The commonwealth of Australia is formed.

    Australia becomes part of the commonwealth.
  • Explorer John McDouall Stuart reaches the centre of Australia.

    Stuart discovers that there are deserts and the centre of Australia is dry and harsh. No attempts to build or begin townships.