Australian History Activity

By SopT5B
  • Smallpox

    There was a huge smallpox outbreak among the Aboriginal people. It spread from the Nothern Coast of Australia all the way to New South Wales. About half of the Indigenous population died because of smallpox.
    Because of this event doctors developed a vaccination for smallpox. To prevent this happening again.
  • John Macarthur Arrives In Australia

    John Macarthur Arrives In Australia
    John Macarthur and his Wife Elizabeth arrive in Port Jackson in New South Wales on the second fleet of ships from England which also had many convicts. He was made commander of Parramatta.
    Because of this event John Macarthur was a smart man and he used the land and animals for good things.
  • John Macarthur Was Given Land

    John Macarthur Was Given Land
    John Macarthur was given 100 acres of land in Parramatta. He used convicts to farm the land. He was then given 100 more acres.
    Because of this event convicts were used to work on the land.
  • John Macarthur buys Merino Sheep

    John Macarthur buys Merino Sheep
    John Macarthur bought some Spanish Merino sheep from South Africa. The sheep were used in the beginning for their meet. He then discovered how important the quality of the sheep’s wool which was used for spinning and weaving clothes.
    Because of this event John Macarthur set up the merino wool industry and introduced merino sheep to Australia. This was an industry that still continues in Australia today.
  • Merino Sheep

    Merino Sheep
    John Macarthur imported the first Merino sheep into Australia. The wool from the Marino sheep was valuable to fashion and the Australian economy for the next 200 years and beyond.
    Because of this event, Australian farmers were able to sell their sheep's wool at a high price and sell around the world. Makig the wool industry very rich.
  • Goverment Rations

    Goverment Rations
    The population of New South Wales is now 7,000. A third of people in the colony are still poor and relying on the goverment for rations.
    Because of this event, it was good that the governement were helping these people. Otherwise there would have been a lot more crime.
  • Merino Wool Export

    Merino Wool Export
    The first set of Merino wool leaves Sydeny for England to be made into clothing. They guessed by the year 2000 that 80% of Merino wool will come for Australia alone.
    Because of this event there will be many wealthy sheep farmers which helps Australias economy.
  • George Arthur

    George Arthur
    Van Diemen's land because it was an island is made into its own colony. George Arthur is the Governor. The convicts from England are sent to the gaols in Port Arthur.
    Because of this event the population of Australia increased.
  • Governor Bourke

    Governor Bourke
    Australia is in depression as the wool market collapses because of a drought. People do not have jobs. London takes their money away from the banks.
    Because of the drought Australia is broke. People have no jobs and no money, until it rains.
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    Gold is found near Bathurst in New South Wales. A gold rush begins and families from around the world come to Victoria to strike it rich.
    Because of this event, Australia's population increased making Australia have more money.
  • Melbourne Cup

    Melbourne Cup
    The first Melbourne Cup horse race was run. A Sydeny outsider horse named Archer, wins the prize -710 gold sovereigns and a hand-beaten gold watch.
    Because of this event, the Melbourne Cup has become the most famous horse race in the world. Bringing in a lot of money to Australia each year.
  • Test Match

    Test Match
    The first cricket test match was played between Australia and England at the MCG in Melbourne. It was lucky for Australia to take the win.
    Because of this event, cricket around the world is a popular sport. We now have a series called the "Ashes" competion between Australia and England every year. This brings a lot of people and money to England and they enjoy watching the sport. The 'Ashes' are burnt wickets.
  • Census

    The first Australian Census is completed. They found that the population of Australia was 2,250,194.
    Because of the Census the Australian governement can get a lot of information about who lives in Australia so they can plan for the future.
  • Banks Collapse

    Banks Collapse
    Major banks in Australia are about to collapse and close. People in Melbourne go on riots in the streets. They push their way to the banks to withdraw their money.
    Because of this event, there was anger and riots. The government now make choices so the banks and country do not go broke.
  • Melbourne is the Capital

    Melbourne is the Capital
    Melbourne becomes the capital city of Australia for 27 years until a new city is chosen.
    Because of this event, Austrlia has one government to lead the country.
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