Australian History

  • Australia Becomes A Federation

    Australia Becomes A Federation
    This is when all the states came together to make the nation.
  • Introduced White Policy

    Introduced White Policy
    This was where only White people had rights in Australia.
  • WW1

    Australia joins WW1
  • WW1 Ends

    WW1 Ends
    End of WW1.
  • WW2 Starts

    WW2 Starts
    This is when WW2 strarted. We were involved with Brittan at the time so we joined in with Brittan.
  • Darwin Gets Bombed

    Darwin Gets Bombed
    Darwin was bombed by Japan during WW2
  • End Of WW2

    End Of WW2
    This is when Japan was defeated which meant the end of the war.
  • SEATO Treaty Signed

    This is where Australia and America go into partnership so if one country went to war so did the other one.
  • Start Of Vietnam War

    Start Of Vietnam War
    This is the start of the war in Vietnam, Australia was involved in this war because America was so we had to go because of the SEATO treaty
  • Neville Bonner

    Neville Bonner
    First Aborigional man in Parliment.
  • White Policy Abolished

    White Policy Abolished
    This is when the Aborigional people were alowed rights
  • Vietnam War End

    Vietnam War End
    This was the end of the Vietnam war.
  • Eddie Mabo and the Mabo Decision

    Eddie Mabo and the Mabo Decision
    This man Eddie Mabo felt as if he and his people should have equal rights as the white people. He took this to the high court and told them what he wanted and after 11 years he finally got what he wanted with the Native Title act which became offician in 1993.
  • Gulf War Starts

    Gulf War Starts
    Australian and American troops are sent to help.
  • Gulf War Ends

    Gulf War Ends
    Troops Come Home
  • The Native Title Act

    The Native Title Act
    This is what gave the Aborigionals rights of freedom like the white people.
  • Afganastan War Starts

    Afganastan War Starts
    This is the war that is happening in Afganastan and Australian troops are being sent there.
  • Ieaq War Starts

    Ieaq War Starts
    Australian troops are sent to Iraq to help the U.S.A troops.
  • Julia Gillard becomes Prime Minister

    Julia Gillard becomes Prime Minister
    Australian first woman PM.
  • Queensland Floods

    Queensland Floods
    All over Queensland their is floods and many people died and lost their homes.